I'm Nicki...I'm 23...I'm a fangirl...I like to draw...I like to read...I like to watch TV...Yes. My blog is full of random things because it is...And I have a kick-ass, awesome boyfriend. Whooooot.

Also...I'm kind of a dork, I love to sing, to draw, to write and I'm usually geeking out on cartoons and playing around in my imagination...

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the survival of Thedas rests in his hands

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Atsuko Nakajima’s beautiful illustrations of Kenshin and Kaoru.

By コポリ

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"Atonement is...For sinful crimes, no matter how much pain is poured into atonement, it can't become that without someone's forgiveness.
...Gamble the sword and heart, and make this fight's life an
accomplishment. That is the answer I have found."
"He doesn't know whether it will become a life without retribution.. He doesn't know whether it will end without forgiveness... However, despite that, he still smiles... with that usual fully kind smile 
that hides this slight sadness. It can't replace human life, but... I, at least, want to stay by him.

I want to stay by his side throughout anything."

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oops more RuroKen sketches <3
"Hitokiri Battousai."

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